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Punishment should fit the crime essay

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poverty essays It's simple – punishment should fit the crimeWriting sample of essay on a given topic "The Punishment Should Fit The Crime".  Some people have the criminal propensity to kill and these individuals are damaged to the very core having emotional and mental illnesses that brought them to commit crimes. In the absence of any form of law or statute, there will be total chaos. The justice system works out strategies and protocols to implement the law and to protect the innocent from harm. The police force, military and the legal department work hand in hand to put an end to crime and violence. Law and order work both ways. The law then provides different forms of punishments and penalties that are right for the crime commit. Advanced pro-editing service - have your paper proofed and edited. The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper. Saved Essays. You Have Not Saved Any Essays.  The punishment should fit the crime and should be proper to the nature of the offense in which the more severe crimes get more severe punishment no matter how many times the offender has been convicted. Is the amount of money that is spent each year on a convicted criminal worth the taxpayers" dollars?. "Punishment Should Fit the fit should crime the punishment essay The Crime" Essays and Research Papers Punishment Should Fit The Crime Let the Punishment Fit the Crime When a thief in Chicago . Email what karate means to me essay the author. · Essay, term paper research paper on Ethics and Law. The Russian Orthodox New Woman: Christopher Haines, 32, of Oak Hill, was sentenced to. Essays in the theory of criminal justice.  To make the punishment fit the crime essays in the theory of criminal justice. Repairing disengagement with educational experiences as one. Responsibility. RELEVANCE 1 A. · should the punishment fit the crime essay click to continue How to write an essay on the importance of learning english.

National and local more info regularly print accounts of legal cases, and quite often the stories they choose are ones in which the punishment does not appear to fit the crime. It is easy to read a paragraph about a criminal case and to become outraged at the sentence passed by a judge.

We have to remember that the short paragraph sums up a complicated legal case which might have taken hours, days or even weeks of court time, and that the judge knew a lot more about the case than the casual newspaper reader. However, sentences and penalties vary widely from one court to punishment should fit the crime essay.

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As every football fan knows, referees make mistakes, and the referee is much shoulx likely to be mistaken when his decision goes against one's own team. In Marianne Bachmeir, from Lubeck, West Germany, was in court watching the trial of Klaus Grabowski, who had murdered her 7 year-old daughter.

Grabowski had a history of attacking children. During the trial, Frau Bachmeir pulled a Beretta 22 pistol from her handbag go here fired eight bullets, six of which hit Thf, killing him.

The defence said she had bought the pistol with the intention of committing suicide, but when essat saw Grabowski in court she drew the pistol and pulled the trigger. She was found not guilty of murder, but was given six years imprisonment for manslaughter.

West German newspapers reflected the opinion of millions of Germans that she should have been freed, calling her "the avenging mother". Bernard Lewis, a mirty-six-old man, while preparing dinner became involved in an argument with his drunken wife.

In a fit of a rage Lewis, using the kitchen knife with which he had been preparing the meal, stabbed and killed his punishment should fit the crime essay. He immediately called for assistance, and readily confessed when the first patrolman appeared on punishment should fit the crime essay scene with the ambulance attendant.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The probation department's investigation indicated that Lewis was a rigid individual who never drank, worked regularly, and had no thd criminal record. His thirty-year-old deceased wife, esszy mother of three children, was a "fine girl" when sober but was frequently drunk and on a number of occasions when intoxicated had left their small children unattended.

After due consideration of the background of the offence and especially of the plight of the three motherless free online classes, the judge placed Lewis on probation so that he could worksupport, and take punishent of the children. On probation Lewis adjusted well, worked regularly, appeared to be devoted punishment should fit the crime essay the children, and a few years later was discharged as "improved" from probation.

In two youths in Mitcham, London, decided to rob a dairy. During the robbery they were disturbed by Sydney Miles, a policeman. Craig produced a gun punishment should fit the crime essay killed the policeman. At that time Britain still had the death penalty for certain types of-murder, including murder during a robbery.

Because Craig was under 18, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Bently who had never touched the gun, was over He was hanged in The case was quoted by opponents of capital punishment, which was abolished in In a punishment should fit the crime essay walked into a supermarket. When the manager click him to leave, the eszay assaulted him, knocking out a tooth. A policeman who arrived and tried to stop the fight had his hhe broken.

In Crimd Lady Punoshment Barnett, a well-known TV personality punishment should fit the crime essay convicted of stealing a tin of tuna fish and a carton of cream, total value 87p, from a small shop.

Report abuse. Transcript of Should the punishment fit the crime? Real life example " Revenge and punishment are different things. Punishment is inflicted for the sake of the person punished; revenge for that of the punisher to satisfy his feelings " - Aristotle Conflict: Should the punishment fit the crime? Emotion vs. Reason Rehabilitation vs. Retribution Punishment fits the criminal vs. punishment fits the crime Should the punishment fit the crime? Reason -Deductive reasoning -Inductive reasoning Pros and cons Retribution: also known as being "tough on crime" Rehabilitati. Alternative sentencing is a program designed to make punishments fit the crime. Rather than sending a non-violent offender to prison, offenders are alternatively sentenced to punishments such as probation, electronic monitoring, community service, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Alternative sentencing can help to keep an offender from re- offending, thus decreasing the prison population and spending less taxpayer money on prisons.  Prisoners incarcerated for violent crimes and who have lengthy criminal records should not even be considered for alternative sentences. Cite This Essay. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below. Philip Johnston says he can't be the only one left confused by the current trends in sentencing. Courtesy of Flickr. It seems that news programs today are being bombarded by mass killings, rape, robbery and aggravated assault on a daily basis. The lives of innocent civilians are being cut short by inexcusable acts of hatred and violence. And even after these criminal suspects get convicted, many of them seem to be getting off far too easily. Last year, the Disaster Center reported an astounding 1, people murdered in the state of California alone, which seems miniscule in comparison to the 14, homicides nationwide in According to the FBI, a violent crime, which includes murder. Report Abuse Home > Opinion > Current Events / Politics > Let the Punishment Fit the Crime. Let the Punishment Fit the Crime. January 10, By raiderpower93, Houston, TX. More by this author.  I think the minor should be tried as an adult because I think all people who commit terrible crimes should be punished. When minor is tried as a juvenile they have the opportunity to be released very early, even when the crime is very shocking. For example, when two ten-year-old-boys killed two-year-old Jamie Bulger, “with the intention of hurting or killing a young child for fun,” they were released and started new lives under new identities (Wilde 1). The punishment was not great enough to fit the crime that they committed because this makes, “it seem excusable after a short period of remors.

The case was given enormous publicity. A few days later she killed herself. This is an punishment should fit the crime essay of a civil case rather than a criminal one. The policy was due to expire at 3 o'clock on a certain day.

Punishment should fit the crime essay man was in serious financial difficulties, and at 2. He then went out and called punishment should fit the crime essay taxi. He asked the driver to make a note of the time, 2. He then shot himself. Suicide used not to cancel an insurance policy automatically. The company refused to pay the man's wife, and the courts supported them. Read the list of characters involved in the case of shop-lifting.

Choose one for yourself. Read Lady Wyatt's written account and punishment should fit the crime essay store detective's report. Present them using the colour idioms. On Wednesday morning I went to Hall's Department Store to do some shopping and to meet a friend for lunch. In Ladies Fashion Department I bought a belt and a bag and paid for punishment should fit the crime essay. I tried it on and decided to buy it.

I looked around for an assistant to pay but couldn't see anybody. The lift came and as I was late for my appointment, I put the scarf with my other purchases, intending to pay for it later on my way out. Unfortunately, I forgot to pay and was stopped at the door by the store detective who asked me to go to the manager's office where I was accused of having stolen the scarf. I simply forgot to pay. I was on punishment should fit the crime essay on the second floor when I observed Lady Wyatt trying on a scarf.

She looked at herself in the mirror, looked round several times and then. She then went up in the lift to shohld top floor cafe where she met a man. I kept up my observation and when they left together, I followed them to the door. She had made no attempt to pay so I stopped her and asked her to accompany me to the manager's office.

She become abusive and refused punishment should fit the crime essay go with shoild until a policeman arrived on the scene. Listen to Lady Wyatt being cross-examined, first by the Prosecution, and then by the Defence.

David Wilton said that he was an old friend of Lady Wyatt and that he had been the Wyatt family's accountant for fourteen years. He had arranged to meet Lady Wyatt for lunch at 12 o'clock to discuss some family business. He said that he had not noticed anything unusual about Lady Wyatt's behaviour except that twice during lunch she had taken a pill.

He added that he did not know what the pill was for and had not asked. He stated that he was astonished. Soames, the Wyatt family punizhment, stated that he had been prescribing pills for Lady Click to see more for some time.

She had been suffering from regular bouts of depression. He said that a side-effect of the pill could cause shoyld or unusual behaviour though he knew of no case where moral judgement punishnent been affected.

The store manager said that he did not know Lady Wyatt as a regular customer because he had only been in his present job for two weeks. He said punishhment the store lost hundreds of pounds worth of goods every week which was why he had appointed a store detective in whom he had the greatest confidence.

He added that it was not only the poorer members of the community who resorted to shop-lifting. The shop assistant said that she had worked at HalFs for seven years and knew Lady Wyatt as a regular customer.

On Wednesday morning Lady Wyatt had bought a belt and handbag and had paid by cheque.

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She said that Lady Wyatt had behaved quite normally. She punishment should fit the crime essay that she hadn't seen Lady Wyatt trying on the scarf as the scarf counter was on the opposite side of the store. She added that there had been two punishment should fit the crime essay on duty that morning and that neither of them had left the department.

Read through the four reports again. Try to recreate the scene of presentation of evidence and cross-exam ination. Work in groups You are the jury. Appoint a punishment should fit the crime essay to report back to sshould judge. You have to bring in the verdict of "Guilty" or "Not Guilty". A man teh been convicted of theft on circumstantial evidence. When the case was sent for appeal, he revealed to his lawyer that he had been in prison at the time of the crime committed.

A man accused punishmsnt stealing a watch was acquitted on insufficient evidence. Outside the courtroom he approached his lawyer and said, "What does that mean - acquitted? You are free to go. One look at those two fellows convinces me that they are guilty.

That's counsel for the prosecution and counsel for defence! Obligation of a party to prove facts at issue in the trial of a case. See expert evidence, exception n - a formal objection by one of the lawyers to something. Prohibited on direct examination. V motion n punishment should fit the crime essay oral or written request made by a party to an action before. Also known as prosecuting attorney.

The abolition of capital punishment in England in November was welcomed by most people with humane and progressive ideas. To them it seemed a punishment should fit the crime essay from feudalism, from the cruel pre-Christian spirit of revenge: Many of these people think differently now.

Three unarmed policemen punishment should fit the crime essay been killed in London by bandits who shot them down in cold blood. This crime tge drawn attention to the fact that since the abolition of capital punishment crime - and especially murder - has been on increase throughout Britain.

Today, punishment should fit the crime essay, public opinion in Britain has changed. People who before, also in Parliament, stated that capital punishment was not a deterrent to murder - for there have always been murders in all countries with or without the law of execution - now feel that killing the assassin is the lesser of two evils.

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