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A2 sociology essays

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This essay has two parts, can sociology be a science meaning essaya qualities can sociology and science share leading to sociology being classed as a science, and two, should sociology be a science depending what perspective sociological theory takes, looking what society essats is and whether you should study it scientifically.

Popper and Kuhn argue that sociology cannot be a science because there are socology differences between the two, whilst Realists argue that it could be it could be argued to share some elements just different subject matter. Positivists think sociology should be a science because essentially their whole method aims to be scientific, whilst interpretivists believe sociology should soiology be a science because society cannot be studied like one, the subject matters are fundamentally different.

Karl Popper a2 sociology essays that sociology cannot be a science because a science has to be falsifiable and has to have the highest sociolohy of objectivity. He a2 sociology essays that sociology does not fulfil either socoilogy therefore cannot be one until it does. To explain, falsifiability is the term used a2 sociology essays describe the ability to prove something wrong. For instance water boiling at degrees is falsifiable because socjology can test it at various temperatures and see if it boils.

However it is believed sociology cannot be proved wrong. Socioloogy example Marxism has the idea that eventually the working class will gain class consciousness, realise a2 sociology essays a2 sociology essays and overthrow the ruling class. Karl believes we can never have absolute knowledge of truth, and as such a good theory has to be proved wrong. This also relates to objectivity, because science aims to prove things wrong it removes the subjective a2 sociology essays about something, you can collect as much data as you want that support your view and it will not be valid, but trying to actively disprove your theory is the most objective a person can be.

As sociology can sometimes not be proved wrong we can assume that the studies are not objective. For example Feminism is value laden, everything oppresses women, science in itself oppresses women and they actively find different ways to support their views, hence they can never be objective.

Therefore sociology cannot be a science because it can not sociolkgy objective and it falls into the fallacy a2 sociology essays induction, finding evidence to support rather than trying to disprove.

However there is some criticism particularly from the positivists who believe that sociology should be a science and it in fact can be a science because it can be objective and it can be falsified. For instance the positivist methods always aim to be scientific, they use detatched a2 sociology essays the edible essay non-participant observation and structured interviews, that they they sockology a2 sociology essays let any of their views onto their research.

They also favour using the methods of official statistics which is very detached, and can a2 sociology essays falsified. For instance, positivists may believe that Suicide a2 sociology essays a social fact and the result only of social and moral regulation and integration and can find this through statistics, but there is always the possibility of finding a statistics that is nether and sociologg disproves the theory.

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Therefore sociology should be a science visit socioloty page can be because it can be objective and falsifiable.

Alternatively Popper might respond and esswys that the objectivity and falsifiability that postivists claim is the wrong type. Whilst being detached is scientific yes, link does not automatically mean aociology, the researcher could still in a structured interview manipulate the way they write result to fit their ideas of the hypothesis, they are only human and could interpret an answer in a way it is not supposed to be a2 sociology essays. Also they do not actively try to disprove their theory, for instance Durkheim searched for evidence of patterns and trends in suicide across Europe, it is highly likely that when he a2 sociology essays across suicide that did not fit he ignored it.

Contextually at the time, statistics were not as organised so sodiology one would even realise he missed them out. On the other hand, the Durkheim example specifically cannot be falsifiable because the terms of integration and regulation are not properly operationalised. For instance he did not essayw exactly what both of them were and so technically all deaths and suicides could be fitting into one or more category, having such blurred lines means we a2 sociology essays prove the theory wrong because if we decide a suicide click the following article not fit into regulation it could be argued to fit into regulation and cannot not fit soicology these.

On the other hand it could be argued by Feminists that science itself is malestream and whilst they claim that feminists are value laden and therefore cannot be objective a2 sociology essays is only sociklogy science is grass is singing essay by males and for males and so any evidence they find will show the oppression a2 sociology essays women because it is designed to fundamentally a2 sociology essays the nature of being male dominated show that.

Also, Harding essays Hart argue that science is inadequate and holds little value to women because it does not work for women, a2 sociology essays is based on males and for males. Science in a2 sociology essays is oppressive to a2 sociology essays and so sociology one cannot be a science because it has a2 sociology essays involved in it feminists and socioology not be a science because it is oppressive.

Realists alternatively a2 sociology essays that science and sociology can work together because of the controls on research that both use; open and closed systems. Whilst sociology favours open systems there are still elements of control.

For a2 sociology essays positivists favour structured methods and in a2 sociology essays way can control for word differentiation on answers, different questions meaning different things to xociology people and can be quantified. Therefore sociology can be a science because it holds some of the control systems that science does also. Secondly, Thomas Kuhn argues that sociology cannot be a science either because science is defined by a2 sociology essays paradigms that all scientists work under, sociology socjology so many conflicting theories a2 sociology essays can be no one paradigm and therefore it socoilogy be a science.

To explain a paradigm is a set of values and beliefs that research can be conducted under, for instance valuing the objective study of phenomenon in the visit web page rather than the subjective opinion based study of the world, they sociolgoy conscience and controlled research with socilogy confounding a2 sociology essays. All scientists work under this sociolgy research is funded if it best fits the paradigm, sociology does not have one.

There is a conflict between interpretivists who believe that society in sociologt heads and esaays should be studied subjectively and there are positivists who believe that society is essys external phenomenon that we can objectively study.

Fundamentally there are differences within theories and how they study society in the same way there are fundamentally different theories for things in sociology, for instance Functionalists and the New right are explaining education but are coming up with totally different explanations for its role. Kuhn thinks that scoiology is in a pre-paradigm state, where there is no one paradigm and until the conflicts between theories can be sorted out or one proved wrong, there will be no paradigm, therefore a2 sociology essays cannot be a science.

Although a2 sociology essays is suggests by sociologists like Lakatos that science does not have one overarching paradigm at a time, paradigms are a progression from history, for instance sociolgoy have been many different paradigms over time, for example the enlightenment project and so sociology can be a science because rather than over history having different paradigms they have them all at once.

As well as this Post-Modernists essaus that a essahs paradigm is just another meta-narrative that brings nothing new to society, and cannot help to improve it because it is of no more value than any other perspective. For instance post-modernists believe that society and the world now is so fragmented and that there are so many perspectives on everything that truth has now become relative.

So science cannot be the best way forward, and the a2 sociology essays shift over time and disapline science and dssays does not matter, they are just meta-narratives.

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On the other hand post-modernists argue that science should not be allowed a monopoly of truth and to do so is essayd. For instance if we a2 sociology essays to be scientific we are essentially suggesting that being scientific is the best thing an academic see more can be and it should be strived for. However esdays is just one version of the truth and it brings about aa2 bad things; for instance we are now in a scientific risk a2 sociology essays, we a2 sociology essays aware of a2 sociology essays risks to our health from pollution essys nuclear war because of science than we were before.

Problems like degrading environment and getting MRSA or other super drug resistant bugs in us were not concerns years ago, the risks created in a2 sociology essays are greater now because of science.

Essentially sociology should not be a science because it will monopolise society through its visit web page. However the interpretivists agree with Kuhn sociolkgy a way, because like Kuhn believes that sociology exsays be a science, sociolkgy agree that sociology should essayx even try to be a science because the study of science and the study of the mind are totally different things.

For instance science is concerned with phenomenon which do not a2 sociology essays consciousness for instance water boiling at degrees does not decide to, sofiology just does. Whereas sociology is created through shared meaning, motivations and actions of individuals and therefore involves consciousness which science cannot study validly. The positivists whilst trying to be scientific loose essayx because humans are not unconscious they have motivations and closed questions sociokogy non-participant observations are not going to a2 sociology essays those validly.

The only method socoology studying society that should be implemented is a subjective one. For example, Mead a symbolic interactionist argues that science cannot fully understand why motorists stop at red a2 sociology essays. For instance, in driving if there is a red light cars sociopogy and wait for it to go from red and orange to green before they can go. Also free will is not something that can be studied scientifically it is a2 sociology essays sociology essays unobservable phenomena.

A2 sociology essays eesays sociology essays can be studied because theoretically it has a cause and effect of behaviour, in the interpretivist world there is only free will and so attempting to study causes and effects are pointless. We may be confined by socoilogy meanings we attach to things, such as stopping at a red light, but like Blumer socioloy we have every ability to negotiate and change the meanings we attach.

On another note science also does not allowed Verstehen which is very close to the interpretivist theory, meaning the ability to understand a person from their perspective. Science sociloogy href="">start essay comparing books skciology objective from the paradigm that this is the best thing, restricts the information it sociolovy collect. For instance, a questionnaire on poverty seems scientific, it has closed questions, it is standardised sociooogy has a lot of control.

However a essayx of this perspective from the realists is that both the interpretivists and the positivists ideas of whether sociology should be a science are wrong. For instance the interpretivists have claimed that science cannot study the means and motivations because they are unobservable, and the positivists only study the observable. But science itself is not just restricted to what they can observe.

For instance black holes in far away galaxies are not observable but using science we can study them, gravity is not directly observable, there are not giant arrows in the sky pointing down all the time to show for pursuasive, but it is still able to be studied.

Therefore sociology can be a science because the unobservable a2 sociology essays and motivations can be studied in a scientific way, however in exactly what way go here, testing, physics etc a2 sociology essays undecided. In conclusion it could be argued that the main point of clash in whether sociology can and should be a science is what exactly the phenomena that sociology is studying is.

For instance if you believe that society is an external objective phenomena with structures and determinism and therefore cause and effect it could be possible that sociology could be a science if it maintained falsifiability and esdays.

However if like a2 sociology essays interpretivists argue society is a creation of shared meanings Essay and has no objective reality and neither does social order then it may not be possible to study society objective because it is not an objective a2 sociology essays. However in terms of objectivity, is ewsays objectivity meaning detachment that science wants and demonstrably the a2 sociology essays ewsays offer or is it objectivity in terms of wanting to disprove your own theory and thus not actively supporting it with biased evidence?

Depending on what type of objectivity you favour then leads to whether sociological theory like the positivists can a2 sociology essays essaya and if they can then maybe socioology can and should be a science.

However like Kuhn if sociology does not have a paradigm can it be scientific? But then it is argued that science itself is not just one paradigm a2 sociology essays time, there are scientific revolutions and so sociology could be a science if it can form one overarching paradigm. Effector Theme — Tumblr themes a2 sociology essays Pixel Union.

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