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Can someone help me write a sonnet

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can someone help me write a sonnet Can someone help me write a 'lazy sonnet' for Romeo and Juliet?Mercutio Tybalt; A FIGHT! Romeo Tybalt; A FIGHT! Prince Cross! ROMEO! OUT! Oh Sh1t!. I'm trying to write a English style sonnet. I know how to write one, but I'm not that creative. So that's the problem. I was thinking on writing it about on how much I love pet or Earth. Any ideas or examples. Please help. I'm stuck with this:(print Print. document PDF. list Cite. Expert Answers. Lorraine Caplan | Certified Educator. Keir Fabian wrote a great response on what meter is. I assume you also know what a sonnet is: a 14 line poem with a specific rhyme scheme. It looks as if you have made a good start of the first quatrain (4 lines) of your sonnet. I would absolutely   Can someone help me break it How do you figure out the words to a sonnet using iambic pentameter? What is a good way to check iambic pentameter? Which word would I rhyme in the phrase "you found it" when writing a Shakespearean sonnet in iambic pentameter? Ask New Question. Keir Fabian, Expert on meter and Shakespeare enthusiast. Answered Feb 19, · Author has answers and k answer views. Happy to help, Emma!.

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In the comments, people say that they haven't asked a question when they clearly have. Now, you may think that you have asked a reasonable, answerable question, but you really haven't. First, a bit can someone help me write a sonnet background. This site is intended to create a knowledge repository smoking essay no solutions to programming problems.

Its mantra is "Make the Internet a better place". That means that a primary characteristic of a good question is that it is likely to be searched by someone else. More than likely, no one will ever be trying to do the exact same thing as you in exactly the same way. Second, for the sake of argument, can someone help me write a sonnet say we don't care if it's useful to someone else, that we sonnet only here for you we aren't. It's still impossible to answer.

Imagine what an answer might look can someone help me write a sonnet. It would essentially need to be the entire code base. We can appreciate that you writd want "help", but with the question you've asked, we can't provide it.

Compare that to the above question, which has a clear definable answer or even multiple answers. So, help us help you. When you gelp a question, someoje sure to actually ask a question. Answerable questions don't ask how to implement a feature, they ask how to accomplish a programming task among other things. There's a catch here, that asking a good question will nearly always can someone help me write a sonnet you to know enough to know what you don't know.

The good news is, you are trying to learn. So work on the question, edit it into something answerable, or at least make sure your next question is a good one. We'll be glad to help! I've always seen the kind of question you're describing here as evidence that the asker hasn't really thought through the question much themselves or, at a minimum, they didn't take time to clarify which part of the task they are struggling with.

With that said, I do agree that the lack of a clear problem statement or clear question dramatically diminishes the question's potential usefulness to future readers.

Personally, when I search Stack Overflow for something, I'm almost always looking for a solution to a specific problem rather than general information about a type of problem; that's what books and tutorials are for.

The premise of SO is to get help from other people. The question "can someone help me? If the asker is looking for ongoing sonneg, a tutor, programmers for hire, etc. It is an actual question, but it's very unproductive and it fails to convey any useful meaning. It conveys that you have a problem and ssonnet asking for help, but we take that for granted since you asked wfite question in the first place. Scenario solution essay doesn't convey anything about what your problem is.

Furthermore, it's an useless question. People often seem to be can someone help me write a sonnet by the "ask an actual question" mentality and downvote and close perfectly appropriate questions that only have some less-than-ideal phrasing.

In many can someone help me write a sonnet, it's trivial to convert a "Can you help me? The asker appears to want exactly the same thing in each case, the phrasing is just a little different. Even if there isn't wrkte an easy fix, it's often easy to soeone what the asker wants and add an "actual" question although not necessarily an appropriate one, of course. If it's really easy to "fix" with an edit which I often doit's definitely not something you should be downvoting or closing a question over.

Try your best to see what the asker wants and edit the question into source appropriate, if at all possible. To this end, I also propose we favour actually explaining what's wrong with the question wrlte a whole as opposed to fixating on "Can you can someone help me write a sonnet me". For example, if someone says:.

Do you get any errors when trying to compile or run your code?

Learn how to write a sonnet. Topics include rhyme schemes for Shakespearean and Petrarchan sonnets, iambic pentameter, and the appropriate subject matter. How to Write a Sonnet. Three Methods:Writing a Shakespearean Sonnet Writing a Petrarchan Sonnet Experimenting with Less Common Sonnet Forms Community Q&A. Though as a general rule, the sonnet is defined as having 14 lines and an iambic pentameter meter, there's a significant difference between the two most common forms of the sonnet: the Shakespearean (aka English) and Petrarchan (aka Italian) sonnets.  "Needed to write a sonnet for school, this helped me do it." A. Anonymous. He’s comparing someone with that beautiful summer’s day but showing that person’s superiority to it. He works the idea through and presents the subject of the poem as having no limitations. Even eventual death won’t interfere with that because the subject will live forever in the poem, which Shakespeare suggests, will be read as long as there are people to read it.  Can anyone help me to make a sonnet about friendship? Its a project. Reply.  How To Write A Sonnet. Sonnet Your Love And Pity Doth Th’ Impression Fill. Sonnet Since I Left You, Mine Eye Is In My Mind. Mercutio Tybalt; A FIGHT! Romeo Tybalt; A FIGHT! Prince Cross! ROMEO! OUT! Oh Sh1t!. So, help us help you. When you write a question, make sure to actually ask a question. Answerable questions don't ask how to implement a feature, they ask how to accomplish a programming task (among other things). There's a catch here, that asking a good question will nearly always require you to know enough to know what you don't know.  “Can someone help me?”. The correct answer is “Yes.” for almost all problems you will have, but that doesn't helps you with your actual problem. The same goes for asking “May I ask a question?” and similarly, for stating your doubt as a question, “I think X does Y?”.

If yes, can you post the exact error message? If soeone, what output are you getting? Can you also post the output you're expecting? Simply linking here DOES NOT HELP - at best it gives some wrte guidelines for what a good question should look like consider, essays criticism arnold thank can be found in the help center as wellwhere concrete guidance specific to their situation would be much more beneficial to them in my opinion.

Visit web page probably sonnrt it sonnnet, but there's presumably a slightly greater chance that they won't. If you happen to find yourself in the middle of a discussion of whether "Can someone help me?

Don't focus on the definition of an "actual" question, which can just be confusing and lead to soeone question that's still not any better. Instead, lead posters towards the actual question they meant to ask and point out the details aonnet for that question or just close it as unclear or too broad if it's not salvageable.

That's not at all to say this thread in itself isn't useful - the more agreed-upon guidelines we have, the better, it's more the unqualified linking here that I have a problem with. The reason why many questions receive downvotes is osmeone lack of effort put into the diagnoses of the issue at hand.

I somrone blindly post a code here and ask: This is what most questions in my expertise tags contains. I'm sorry, if I write code I test it line-by-line and function by function and I know exactly what is happening with the code. If I then can't figure it out on how to do this a good way, I'd ask a question about it. However this is mw irregularity on Stack Overflow. Hellp you diagnose the issue and know what can someone help me write a sonnet happening and you have an example output to your code mr still you are unable to fix it, I have writw can someone help me write a sonnet up voting the question.

It shows you have smeone your research and have shown effort into making a clear and solid question. But no, for example people can someone help me write a sonnet into php and using can someone help me write a sonnet library such as laravel or symfony without click at this page how the base language really works somekne are unaware what array's are.

If you don't know you are xonnet a library or even understanding the basic structure of programming, is this site really the best place to ask repetitive questions? I'm asking because I cannot think of a specific issue in my expertise that is unanswered here on this site. When was the last time you read a question that shows the actual "mcve" can someone help me write a sonnet shows debugging output, the data you need to quickly resolve the issue?

Now adays I find most questions laziness, the unwillingness to find an answer and most importantly they have never click of testing a code.

can someone help me write a sonnet Sonnet Generator

They blindly copy paste code helpp expect us to fix it for 'em. That is where I draw someonr line, I try to be helpful but if I need to put more effort into a comment then an answer check this out just shows how lazy people are. And even if I did answer the question, there is a huge chance that their lazyness would result in an unvoted and unmarked answer because they only care about their selves.

To close this off you gotta reverse the question, "Can someone help me? However does that respond in a positive search engine query? Does it help the site in the long run, having m questions with the same can someone help me write a sonnet Or is it maybe hdlp psychiatrist you want help from? Yes, a lot of time has been spend on creating that title, about the same time for anyone to push that down vote button.

Well I think the issue at hand here has to first be defined. I could end literally any post with a general plea of "please help". That doesn't invalidate a post or require can someone help me write a sonnet deletion.

That's silly of course. Can someone help me write a sonnet therefore we need to not think of "Can someone help me? The fallacy here is that "Can someone help me? The theme someeone these posts is that they don't try to solve their own problem.

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writee Consider this "mock" example. Note that all varies. It's even more he,p if it is truly impossible to do and can lead to interesting statements about said hlp. After cover internship consulting letter firm, if it isn't possible there won't be an attempt that isn't in vain and therefore maybe not worth sharing. The ONLY sonneet to wirte things I have written so can someone help me write a sonnet is when the somepne is also answering their post right away.

That would surely be a waste can someone help me write a sonnet effort. Home Questions Tags Users. The problem is clear, and they need help accomplishing the tasks. Return to FAQ index Markdown link sample: The only questions that this will be troublesome for are those that are posed by students tasked with a seemingly stupid programming assignment e.

Somelne Yeah, I couldn't come up with a way to help all of these questions: Love the concept, but I drite like the title. You are building it around the "Not a real question" close reason, which is not referenced cxn except on some writ question, so can someone help me smoeone a sonnet may be confusing. Trying to reference "Too Broad" may be a better approach now. I agree that the corresponding close reason is "Too Broad". I'll can someone help me write a sonnet that in as well.

Some call it polite. Others call it reticent and infuriating waffling. In either case, it's regarded as inappropriate fluff here.

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