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I need help with my history coursework

i need help with my history coursework Trending NowNet provides assignment i need help with my history coursework help, online assignment help, homework help, writing help services for USA, UK, Australia, Canada and other. Did you find apk for android? You can find new Free Android Games and apps. How to Catch Up On Coursework (AND Keep Up In Class) - Продолжительность: Tom Miller 17 просмотров. A Level History Coursework Helpwatch. Announcements. Find the exam discussion directory here >>>. Start new discussion Reply. AssaultTrifle. Follow. 2 followers.  I don't think I'll fail on the basis of a person telling me the wrong format 6 months before it's needed to be handed in but oh well. 0. Reply. AssaultTrifle. Follow. 2 followers. 1 badge.

Welcome to the Historum - Cohrsework Forums. Please login or register for a new account. Need help with the website? Register Forums Blogs I need help with my history coursework. Community Links Social Groups.

April 23rd, The coursework deadline for my A2 historic enquirey is on Monday, due to our teacher cousrework stuck article source the USA as a result of i need help with my history coursework Icelandic volcano he is stuck there for 2 weeks. As such I have very little resources for getting advice for improving my coursework. This is my i need help with my history coursework post, i need help with my history coursework more info, so I histogy it in the general discussions.

The coursework is on Britain and Indiawe had to pick one year courseworkk the historh subject and write a historic enquirey. I chose to discuss changing I need help with my history coursework liberal attitudes in the s and their effect on independence with respect to the period The marks are just click for source of 60, with 50 given to to the essay guidline words and 10 given to the source evaulation guidline words.

The mark scheme can be found here: PDF Unit 4 is the coursework unit, AO2a 10 marks applies specifically to the source evaluation whilst the other 3 sections 50 marks to the essay.

If you have the time to read my essay and either mark or constructively criticise please do so this weekend! Hep is here http: Last edited by marshymarsh; April 23rd, at Sorry Marshy, could not download coursework; could you redo please. Perhaps a fileshare is not the best means of delivery Marshy. Is there no other hosting service available?

I will see if I can find my old webhosting details. Don't download anything Gary. It's probably a virus. April 24th, Argh please believe me, surely you have one person on here who tests download links for others?

Proceed with a payment: upon successful payment, the writer is assigned.

That is the norm for most forums for one person to test and see if it is safe! I am not keen to post the essay straight onto here, but in an attempt to get through your i need help with my history coursework I will post an extract: This was apparently in direct response to the shifting of attitudes towards Liberalism on the British mainland, death no longer being a popular spectacle; the concept of a woman sacrificing herself out of love for her husband did not appeal as it had to the romantic idealism that is characteristic of i need help with my history coursework 18th century, instead it was seen as a typically thuggish Hindu custom.

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i need help with my history coursework The abolishment was a small step towards the liberalisation of Indian society, and a testing ground for British Liberals admission essay title nursing gauge the reaction of the Indians. Bentinck was careful to get approval from a Brahman panel, showing a coursdwork for the Indian culture, this is interesting given that after the Mutiny of a governor-general would be more likely to seek approval out of a fear of armed insurgency.

This is a clear demonstration that whilst the banning of sati is argued to be a part of the larger liberal agenda, that racial attitudes remained at the forefront of British policy in India. Sati is therefore highlighted by Whig Liberal historians and Indian nationalists as being of great importance; however Bentinck himself wrote that only nneed took place in an un-dated year [4]. This suggests that its importance as a cause for the Indian Mutiny, or that it was an attack on the Hindu belief system are exaggerations especially given there is evidence it was privately welcomed in Hindu cursework [5].

In the Minute, Macaulay k We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, --a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in neeed.

To that class we may leave it to refine the vernacular dialects of the country, to enrich those dialects with terms of science borrowed from the Western nomenclature, and to render them by degrees fit vehicles for i need help with my history coursework knowledge to the great mass of the population. Coursewkrk is strong evidence which supports the view that either Macaulay was seeking to appeal to the imperialistic members of the Indian Council, or that he himself believed that although an Coursfwork can be taught to act English, mu will always be held back, or lesser than an Englishman due to his race.

This undertone throughout all liberal operations in India is a key contributor to Indian Independence, as is evidence in many examples of revolution such as the Russian revolution ofIndia gained independence through a small minority of members acting on behalf of the racially oppressed people. Norton hasn't detected anything. Feel free to download it. Hi Marshy, read your extract and I think that you should sail through, you have extracted a lot from your i need help with my history coursework.

Essay on information technology and development would:

Sorry it has taken so long to wtih back to, I had written a reply and just corsework to post when I had a power cut for 4 hours. Of course the British administration in India was imbibed with liberal ideology through there upbringing in Britain, but when in India did try i need help with my history coursework not interfere on apple vs microsoft the religious practices of the natives.

The outlawing and suppression of sati and thuggery were rather the exception rather than the rule. The main thrust of liberalism in Indian affairs was pressure from Britain, and the Christian missionaries in India, all of which was treated originally with hostility and distain by i need help with my history coursework ICS.

The attitude of the British administration changed over time, but it was always underlined by racism, often oblique, belp frustrated the boardwalk class. By of the 1, post in the ICS only 65 were held by Indians. I coursewwork the whole corsework and agree with Gary. You should get a pretty good mark. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I need help with my history coursework click Forums - Blogs - Top.

Add Thread to del. Welcome to the History Discussion Forum! History Teacher stuck abroad! Thanks for the warning Nick. The Bright Center of the Universe Posts: Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. Becoming a History teacher. March, I am a history teacher September 14th, January 22nd, January 3rd,

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