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Essay on problems of youth in india

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death with dignity essays Popular EssaysIn a country like India where the problem of educated unemployment is already nerve-breaking, the nightmares unleashed by the report completely shook the youth and in no time they were up in arms against the establishment. Independence was once an inspiring social ideal and the struggle for independence brought to the foreground some of the finest qualities of the Indian youth. The nationalist struggle was undoubtedly associated with a moral ferment; it did throw up a leadership which had strong bones with the people and which rose to great heights of moral courage and dedication.  Words Free Sample Essay on generation gap. words comprehensive essay on Indian Youth. Essay on the Important Causes of Youth Unrest. Free Sample Essay on Unit in Diversity. So youth of India should take this responsibility on their shoulders. Another responsibility which Indian youth will have to take is to revive our culture. If we break with our culture, we misdirect the forces of change and as a result of it no progress is made by the society. Radhakrishnan goes to the extent of saying, "Inattention to our culture in our universities is to no small extent responsible for the increasing unrest among the student". His advice to the young is that they should "enter more fully into the experiences and ideals of the race, if they are to live more abu   Related Articles: Write an essay on Energy Conservation. Is there a greater need of banks in Rural areas in India? Advertisements: Guidelines. Youth Essay 1 ( words). The term youth is often associated with vibrancy, joyfulness, enthusiasm and passion.  India has a pool of young talented people who are making the country proud in different fields. The contribution of the Indian youth in the field of Information Technology is known to all. The medals won by young Indians for different sports also highlights how talented they are. However, we cannot deny the fact that the number of unemployed and uneducated youth in the country is far greater and we still have a long way to go. Youth Essay 2 ( words). Introduction.

The notion that politics is the prerogative of the experienced and elderly is antiquated and antediluvian.

endothermic essay Essay on Role of Youth In Politics – Importance and Impacts

Politics essay on problems of youth in india about people and their relationship with proglems nation state. It can be practiced at all levels that includes governance at the local, national, to international arena. There are different forms of government across the world ranging from popular and representative democracy to monarchy, single-party monopolistic and oligopolistic rule to authoritarian dictatorship.

Nevertheless, the politics remains the same, which is the relationship between the governing and the governed. Explanation of youth in politics can be done the best essay on problems of youth in india the context of democratic system of government essay on problems of youth in india this is essay on problems of youth in india form where youth essay on problems of youth in india the actual liberty of indulging into politics and transforming their ideologies and thoughts into fruition.

The involvement of youth is politics make a democracy stronger. In fact, when harnessed, it can have transformational ramifications on governance. The youth indiaa not prejudiced about any thought and have fresh ideas. The most important aspect is aspirations of the society. They are the ones who carry a vision and ambition for the future, and have the resolve and acumen to bring that into reality.

While comparing their own state and standards with yoyth best practices, they wish to induce the same or even better methodologies in their existing polity. Youth politics finds its best manifestation in colleges and universities. Through active cooperation and collaboration, students of like-minded ideologies, method of working, allegiances, and mindset try to join some pre-existing political party or create something of their own.

Every party has some agenda and amongst them rises a prominent leader. Debates and discussions are facilitated on a large scale. Not just textbooks, but their knowledge gets accentuated by social experiments as well. By attempting to emulate ideal practices, they are able to comprehend the complexities of governance and prepare problwms for indai of the future.

It eesay wrong to say that youth are immature and reactive when it comes to indi and responsibilities of essay on problems of youth in india. On the contrary, the truth is that youth have no vested interests and carry no additional baggage of history. Their actions although might seem reckless, but are always honest and embracing. They help sensitize the mass and mobilize them into a single entity seeking collective demands. Since they are more educated and vibrant, their mere involvement ensures transparency and accountability from the government.

Even in college, youth can communicate about their likes and dislikes to the governing entities, which take cognizance of these grievances, and realizes their political and social clout. Essay on reasons for increasing crime among youth.

Politics is about creating a communication link between the public and their governors, so that policy formulations, legislations, sesay political actions are framed for the good of people.

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Youthful energies can facilitate that. Moreover, essay on problems of youth in india quick decision making is capable to transcending problesm lethargic processes, ensuring their potential of being good administrators. Constitutional derivatives such as freedom of speech and expression, convergence of ambitions, and conveyance of public demands to the highest levels get easier by the route of youth political organization.

There is another dark side of youth politics that discourages this notion of letting them indulge into the nitty-gritties of this political game at the time when academics and career development yiuth be the primary essaay area. It can be an easy source of divergence from studies and important co-curricular ondia. Although dissent is a common practice to proliferate the spirit of tolerance, students of minority or marginalized communities use youth political platforms as a means to propagate seditious activities.

Their indoctrination can be dangerous for the state in the longer term. Most students get divided into factions, that are completely antagonistic to un other. One such illustration can essxy of a party with communist or left-wing ideology that asks difficult questions from the State, and on the essay on problems of youth in india side could be the right-wing ideologues who are fanatics and fundamentalists in the guise of pro-poor crusaders.

Often clashes erupt essay on problems of youth in india these parties where aggravations, provocations, and violence are used as tools for disastrous face-off. The political party which is at indiq ruling dispensation often acts as an encouragement to pn student wing who take pride in creating troubles touth suppressing voices of disagreement.

Ij involvement of youth indka politics is repulsive, uncompromising, and irrelevant if it turns into proxies of state.

Read this essay on the various problems of Communalism in India! Indian society is pluralistic from religious point of view. Here, we have the followers of all the great religious systems. Hindus constitute the bulk of the population and they inhabit in all parts of the country. Muslims constitute the largest religious minority. But the adjustment between the Hindus and Muslims has been a failure several times, resulting in violent communal riots. Image Courtesy:  Kashmir youths are trained by Pakistan to destabilize India’s internal security by spreading communal venom. Negative Impact of Mass Media: The messages relating to communal tension or riot in any part of the country spread through the mass media. Short Essay on Problems in Indian Education System. Housing Problems in India (Introduction, Causes, Solution). Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles. Primary Sidebar. Related Posts. Short Paragraph on Social Problems. Rural Life in India.  Select Category Administration in India Important Commissions in India State Administration in India Blog Business Culture of India Economics Economy of India Environment Essays, Paragraphs and Articles Famous and Great Personalities of India Festivals Finance Handicraft Alpana Hand Embroidery in India Health & Fitness History of India History of Ancient India Gupta Empire Kushan Empire The Mauryan Empire History of Bengal History of Medieval. No doubt the youth of modern India has its own limitations and problems, etc. but these can be removed or decreased to a great extent by sympathy, understanding and appreciation. If the youth of India have any shortcomings and faults, the elders are to blame because the former mirror the latter. 2 pages, words. The Essay on Can Youth Make India a Superpower? other countries, for example our best competetor, china. in china, they train the youth from the childhood like workhorses in a factory. and " which has affected more then young students from different colleges all o. Youth has always been regarded to be the nicest period of human life. It is the period when young people can be careless without the burden of responsibility. Although youth can seem to be a free time of life. Unemployment is one of the major crises in India which is affecting several people residing here especially to the youth generation. This major problem needs full attention of government along with citizens of country in equal manner so that we can p.

Strict neutrality has to be adhered to while propagating or practicing politics. There must be no space of allowance of hate speeches, propaganda, or violence, is defeats the purpose of devolution of responsibilities. Youth must always come ib in high spirits to celebrate the freedom of speech and assembly, but at the same time, they need to be aware of compare essay movie contrast intricacies and manipulations of politics.

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